2018 Events I'm pretty jazzed about...

This year I'm slimming down my events calendar in the name of my newest focus-  starting a makerspace here in Astoria, OR!  Its been a crazy dedication of time and energy and we still have a ways to go.  However, my love for sitting at my bench and then getting to share my work with the world never wanes, so I've carefully applied to shows and events that I simply don't want to miss.   So this is where you can find me this year.  Looking for me at other times? Find me at Astoria Makers!      WWW.ASTORIAMAKERS.COM





MAY 26




JULY 5-8




NOV 8-12




Sieraad 2017, Amsterdam

I am honored and grateful to have been selected as the only American artist to attend this year's SIERAAD INTERNATIONAL ART JEWELRY FAIR in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  It was a beautiful exhibition of international works, and was the most professional and best-run show I've attended during my career.  Additionally, I was delighted to meet so many talented designers and artists from all over the globe!  I look forward to another return, and am already designing work that was inspired during this trip.   


Here's a few images from the show:

2017 SHOWS





JAN 5-9



FEB 16-19



MAY 5-7



JUNE 24-25



JULY 1-3


hihi lights summer bazaar, astoria, or

aug 19


SIERAAD, Amsterdam, Netherlands

NOV 9- 12  



Dec 2-4  


art providence holiday show (risd),  providence, ri

dec 9-10   


adrift hotel holiday show, long beach, wa

dec 16


Carruthers holiday show, Astoria, OR

dec 17-18




Meet PEARL, the newest project on hand at VOTIVE !

Well, here she is...a lifelong dream made manifest.  This vintage beauty (a 1951 Boles Aero) will soon (soonish...) be brought to life to house a mobile studio and gallery space for Votive Designs.    Demo work began this spring and is on hold for a bit while summer travel and art shows take the forefront... But stay tuned for updates on this special little gal.  One day she is really going to shine!


holiday/winter shows ahead!

Like many artists, the holiday season is full of opportunities to share work in a variety of art shows, from small trunk shows to large craftand wholesale events... 

With my recent move up to the PNW, I will be pioneering myself into the new world of shows up here and am very excited about this!

Here's a few spots you can find me this season (and I hope you will!)

Nov 27, 28, 29

Seaside Holiday Fair

Seaside Convention Center, Seaside OR


Dec 11, 12, 13

Astoria Winter Market

Pier 11, Astoria OR


Dec 19, 20

Renegade Craft Show

Magnuson Park Hanger 30, Seattle WA


jan 15, 16

american made show

washingston, dc


feb 12, 13, 14

acre- american craft retailers expo

philadelphia, pa


Madrid Cerrillos Studio TouR 2015

So happy to be a participating artist in this year's studio tour, once again.    Such a fabulous event this is.    We have 28 local artists participating this year!    Votive Designs will be stop #13 on the map-     I will have my new studio open where you can see me working, as well as view my collection of finished pieces.    My children will also be hosting a lemonade stand on the pathway over to our house, so be sure to stop by and grab a cold drink on your way over!  :)


So... what are all these Fibonacci triangles??

many of you will notice the word "fibonacci" in the title of my newest pieces, and well, i thought i might explain.  recent works originate in inspiration from sacred geometry, patterns, movement and meaning.  using the fibonacci sequence, i began measuring many of my shapes to the divine ratio.   there are many theories on this ratio, and mine is simply to understand it as the beauty and organization within the chaos.

once the concept of this new line of work emerged, i found myself creating in a variety of new, unintended directions--often combining these fibonacci triangles with "unsacred" shapes,  juxtaposing directions within elements, or finding unique contrasts wherever i could.   shortly into this new chapter, my mind awoken to buried knowledge from my previous years of schooling in esoteric traditions, world religions, and western adaptations.  i look forward to seeing where this new inspiration and remembrance takes me.

finally... my own store...!

so many years have gone into building my business and making it my own.  with so many great galleries, storefronts and online sites for makers and artists these days, its been really nice to be able to sell my work that way and get it out there.  but nothing is better than truly running your own show... being able to showcase works as i desire, being able to rotate inventory, being able to offer great sales to whoever I would like whenever i would like, and being able to post new designs as soon as they are polished at my bench... these are all things I have dreamed of doing with my own online shop.  and soon, it will become a reality!  stay tuned for store opening!

Votive in the VW!!!!

Its finally here!  The countdown begins to this summer's awesome long-awaited journey through New England, transforming Clementine (the world's sweetest restored 1976 beauty of a bus) into a traveling pop-up storefront for Votive Designs jewelry!  Stay tuned for itinerary....!!!!

Haystack Mountain School of Craft!

Im simply thrilled to announce that I will be spending a couple weeks this summer studying metal arts at Haystack Mountain School of Craft!  What an honor to be accepted into this program.  It is a dream come true for me.   I am planning a BIG summer, with travel plans from California all the way to Maine, bringing Votive Designs to many new places....stay tuned!

Oregon bound...!

well...its been a while in the works, a return to living at the coast.  after a very, very successful trip to the Portland and coastal area, I have confirmed that myself, my family and Votive Designs will soon be relocating to the Oregon coast.   More details to come... but start looking for Votive creations in local retailers in the PNW... VERY EXCITED!

fall Etsy sale underway!

My annual fall sale of handcrafted pieces featured in my Etsy shop is now underway.  Please visit www.etsy.com/shop/VOTIVEdesign to enjoy 20% off all items.  Through Nov 10th.  Use checkout code FALL20.  And thanks for shopping with Votive Designs!

Studio 14 new gallery representation

I am just thrilled to be joining the most talented group of artists in another gallery in Madrid, NM!  Studio 14 opened this summer and has taken off with amazing energy and success.  Featuring many of our town's internationally-recognized artists, this gallery is home to an array of mediums and will also be home to Madrid's new public radio station run by Stella Byrne- who is in the process of creating the coolest underground radio station ever.     Join me on Sept 5, 2014 4:30pm for our next gallery opening, where my collection will debut. 

Proud to be a part of Madrid's newest gallery, The Art Shack.

Opening this fall, the Art Shack will be Madrid NM's newest and most amazing gallery yet.  Representing a select number of artists in various mediums, this gallery will be home to some truly amazing pieces of work.  I am proud to be one of the artists represented in this new space.  More to come on the grand opening...  For the anxious types, get a sneak peek of the artists and their work for sale at www.artshackmadrid.com



Ready for retailers in San Francisco Bay area

2014 is gearing up to be a fabulous year of expansion for Votive Designs.  First on the list is exploring San Francisco retailers and galleries.  I will be traveling out to the Bay area mid February and hoping to meet some buyers.  Suggestions welcomed here...!

Pigment boutique, San Diego CA

Pigment boutique, San Diego CA

Pigment boutique, San Diego CA

Pigment boutique, San Diego CA

Pigment boutique, San Diego CA

Pigment boutique, San Diego CA

San Diego and Pasadena for Thanksgiving weekend!

I can't think of a single thing to be more thankful for at this juncture of my life and work than to be able to bring my pieces to the southern California coast, and on Thanksgiving weekend, of all times.  My heart is full of gratitude and excitement for these amazing opportunities to share what I love with a place I love so much.   See you in California next week!


Saturday Nov 30th, trunk show at North Park neighborhood's   Pigment boutique, San Diego, CA.

Sunday Dec 1st, a participating artist in the Unique LA and CoolHaus Holiday Show, Pasadena, CA.

Thank you for a very successful studio tour!

What an amazing couple weeks we had in Madrid and Cerrillos!  An amazing turnout of locals and tourists alike, and a chance to show the vast array of talent we share here.  Thank you to the many folks who took the time to see what I've been up to at Votive Designs, and for purchasing my work.   See you next year!